By: Brendan Carvel

Publish Date: Tuesday 5/14/2019

A local Rochester Business is changing the software development game

After graduating from a leading technology and research institution. I thought I knew most of what software and integrating multiple platforms can achieve. Having studied marketing over the course of three years, I’ve seen the value in having multiple systems interact with each other. Having valuable data being produced to make informed decisions is one of the most essential aspects of being a digital marketer.

Recently, I earned the opportunity to work for one of Rochester, New York’s leading custom software development firms known as Envative, recognized as one of the select companies that specialize in the complex technological business needs. Over 74% of new business is generated through referrals. Having no technological expertise at my disposal, fellow co-workers made it simple to understand the value of creating custom web and mobile app solutions for businesses. Through integration of disparate systems across various technology platforms (computers, tablets, smart-phones and hardware components via Bluetooth for example), the potential benefits that exist for almost any business in just about every industry are endless. It’s been very eye-opening to me already and I’ve only just started!

Needless to say, I’m excited that I’ve started my career as a marketer for Envative. Their tech savvy approach to making it easy for businesses to engage with them have impressed me as well – an Envative chat bot to answer questions on their website, a calculator tool to get ballpark estimate for project(s) and the ability to schedule an appointment online to talk to an expert – just to name a few. Envative puts the business owner in the driver’s seat and guides them through the entire process, minimizing risk and constantly having a positive outcome.

As a local business owner, you may ask yourself why should you choose Envative? To me, it’s a no-brainer, 20 years of industry experience, leading technological expertise in any industry imaginable and staff consisting of the most skilled developers in the area.

I’m starting to think that marketing Envative is going to be so easy!

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