By: David Mastrella

Publish Date: Thursday 9/27/2018

Eureka! You've done it.

You've found the next great mobile app idea that's sure to make you millions. Now all you and your colleagues have to do is teach yourselves how to code, become experts in product design and data collection, and release the app of your dreams before someone else drops it first.

What could possibly go wrong?

Hey, there's no shame in asking for help. You might be an expert at running your business, but that doesn't mean you're a pro developer. In fact, hiring a pro to do your web or mobile application development brings some major benefits. Read on to learn top reasons that outsourcing your app development is the best move.

These first two points are the most obvious, so we'll get them out of the way first.

Save Money

It's going to take serious manpower to build an app from the ground up. Thankfully, companies that specialize in application development have already forked over the cost of hiring and training experts for you. Outsourcing saves you that money.

The upfront cost of paying for application development can seem enormous to a small business. That's usually why it's so tempting to try to wing it on your own. But when you think about the long-term cost of building an app that is not user-friendly, is not engaging to the user base, is not integrated properly to other systems for max efficiency and risk reduction, outsourcing is a steal.

Think about the time you’ll be able to spend earning back that money while the professionals stay up all night doing the complex and tedious stuff. Speaking of time...

Save Time

If you're the owner and operator of your business, you're the quarterback. You don't have time to waste learning to do what you could be delegating.

When running your own in-house development team, you'll have to spend time educating yourself about a bunch of minutiae that have little application outside of developing an app. It's unreasonable to expect to learn how to develop an app without going through the same training as the head of an app development business.So why not save yourself years of training and experience, and pay someone else for theirs? They've already spent  years developing best practices and learning by trial and error so you won't have to.

High-Quality App Development

To an inexperienced team, any results at all seem like the ultimate victory. If you've only made a few apps, any app of yours that works feels like the best app in the world.

Hiring an outside development company to build your mobile or web application includes paying for outstanding service. Their livelihood depends on you and your investors being impressed by the end result and speed of service. The same way your business goes above and beyond for your clients, an outsourced app development company wants to go above and beyond for you.

And if you're not satisfied with the end result...

Low Risk to You really don't lose much.

Any outside app development company worth their salt will incorporate user acceptance testing and a warranty period as part of their process to ensure client satisfaction.  

Think about it. If you put in all the time and effort to develop your own mobile application and it bombs, you eat that loss. By paying an outside team with the technical expertise and proven project management process to produce excellence, you’re taking out most of the risk of failure.

Thorough Testing

Luckily, professional app development companies are experienced in thoroughly testing every inch of a new product so there are few surprises when you begin your own User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and, more importantly, before it's released to the public!

Keep Benefiting After Release

Web and Mobile app companies today really do strive to provide an amazing end-to-end service. That means you're not left to fend for yourself once they've completed your project.

Most outsourced application development companies today can provide you with tech support long after your app has been released. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you budget for ongoing application maintenance and support after launching your new application. This is not because the code will be shoddy, but because environments, operating systems and integrated systems will invariably change around it over time, To keep the user base humming along and happy with your application,  timely upkeep and attention is imperative. Who better to fix and manage the technical aspects of your product than the people who helped you create it?

Still Not Convinced?

Knowing what you want your web or mobile application to do is one thing. Knowing how to build your idea into a functional, technically sound and appealing app is quite another. It’s perfectly normal to be afraid of “letting go” to external technologists.

Start by talking your ideas (or fears) out with a consultative development team. Most reputable ones will not charge you to have a conversation and will provide you with guidance and options to consider. Talk with a few different firms to get a sense of which one seems to know their stuff, have a process that supports transparency and feels like a team you can trust.

After finding the right partner, you may just discover that paying someone else to do what they're good at is the smartest idea out there.

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David Mastrella

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David Mastrella

David has been immersed in Internet based application design & development for the past 20 years – with total development experience exceeding 30 years. He has held positions ranging from senior developer, systems manager, IT manager and technical consultant for a range of businesses across the country.  David’s strength comes from a deep knowledge of technologies, design, project management skills and his aptitude for applying logical solutions to complex issues.

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