By: David Mastrella

Publish Date: Thursday 1/9/2020

Ensuring Employees Are Using the Right Tools

Custom software solutions are streamlining business operations by making sure your workforce is using the optimal tools for their jobs.

Businesses can find themselves using outdated or inefficient tools for a number of reasons. Perhaps they grew faster than expected or lack the resources or budget to bring things up to date. Whatever the cause, implementing custom software solutions can streamline productivity and ease the strain on your workforce.

When resources aren't properly utilized, employees can end up using software substitutes that just aren't as efficient. For example, your employees may be using email where they could benefit from a customer ordering system or tracking customer needs using a basic calendar when they need a CMS solution.

Outdated hardware can also slow down productivity and decrease efficiency.

Improving Employee Collaboration

One of the biggest changes we've seen in recent years is the number of employees working remotely. This coincides with a shift from paper documentation to digital files and cloud computing with mobile solutions.

Moving to the cloud and harnessing the power of software solutions to help you do this will increase the efficiency of your employees and save you money. When you go paperless, employees can work from anywhere with internet access. Collaboration is increased and projects are managed more efficiently.

The potential of using software to enhance employee communication and productivity is nearly limitless. Team members can communicate with one another via messaging solutions where information can be easily exchanged and stored. You can enhance security over sensitive data by setting permissions to control who can see what.

Multiple employees can view the same document at the same time, making real-time edits for one another to see. Of course, going paperless is good for the environment and can free up physical space that can be used to house more employees.

Better Management Potential

Custom software solutions can help you manage both people and assets. This is mainly because of its ability to automate processes and integrate information between business divisions.

Software can be used to track internal as well as external processes. Internally, custom management software can be highly valuable to your employees and your company. Managers can monitor the workflow of their employees and access important information without getting in the way.

This can reduce the need for employees to check in with management and fill out reports. When managers appear more passive, employees are empowered to become more efficient.

As we mentioned before, more and more employees are working from home. This has shown to increase employee satisfaction and is ultimately good for your company. With management software solutions, you can easily manage employees who work remotely or have flexible schedules. 

Connecting Multiple Systems

To streamline processes and improve the efficiency of workflow, your software solutions should integrate with one another. If your systems aren't talking to each other, they aren't efficient.

This often delays access to important information or causes your employees to have to enter the same information into more than one place. When you use custom solutions, you can streamline your workflow between business divisions and save time and effort.

Reporting and Analytic Capabilities

Custom software solutions can be used to help you create and run reports. When reporting is difficult, you don't have the insight you need to make the best business decisions.

Using software to run internal analytics lets you see the big picture. With this information, you can identify important business trends and develop solutions to respond to problems. 

Accurate Data Management

Are your employees wasting time with manual data collection? Custom software solutions are streamlining business processes by improving the way data is collected and validated.

If you're collecting data using paper forms, you need a mobile solution. This will allow you to collect data in the field and correct errors in real-time.

Using technology to collect and validate data cuts down on human error, which is common when manually handling data. With a custom solution, your data will be normalized and stored in a database where it can be easily accessed by multiple applications.

This is a simple way to move towards having a unified system and streamlining your operations. Custom software solutions can also act as middleware, enabling communication and data management for other applications. 

Start Streamlining Your Business Processes Today

Are you interested in getting started streamlining your business processes? There has never been a better time for businesses to take advantage of developments in technology. 

We are fortunate to live in a time where technology can be harnessed in so many ways to improve business functions and even cust costs. While you can purchase software solutions off the shelf, they won't be customized to fit your business needs. 

If you want to learn more about how our custom software solutions can transform your business and bring you into the digital age, contact us today to get started. 

David Mastrella

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David Mastrella

David has been immersed in Internet based application design & development for the past 20 years – with total development experience exceeding 30 years. He has held positions ranging from senior developer, systems manager, IT manager and technical consultant for a range of businesses across the country.  David’s strength comes from a deep knowledge of technologies, design, project management skills and his aptitude for applying logical solutions to complex issues.

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