The Clinician Exchange (TCX) began as a start-up with founders from all sides of the healthcare industry—clinicians, medical device manufacturers, corporate executives, hospitals, sales and marketing professionals, and suppliers. The group approached Envative with an idea and a request for a big solution: How could they all easily exchange information so that they could share expertise with their peers, provide assistance with procedures and specific medical devices, offer insights to everyone in their supply chain and professional networks, and multiply their resources on demand without breaking the budget?


The answer to this sizable request was to build a community portal—a virtual exchange platform designed to pair specific clinical skillsets with specific industries. Together, TCX and Envative worked to develop a comprehensive and expandable web platform, using a custom hybrid approach in order to deliver the best functionality within TCX’s budget.


The foundation of the web interface was built on Envative’s SmarterCMS solution, a Kentico CMS (content management system) platform. Then Envative ‘s development team applied Angular JS customization to meet the unique requirements of each stakeholder group. The portal was designed using “community pillars”: medical device companies, care providers and clinicians. Each pillar is customized for its audience, while at the back-end, a matching algorithm keeps the application administrators informed about the needs of each audience.


Through The Clinician Exchange, clinicians are able to maintain a profile that highlights their location, experience and interest in working as a contract clinician, which they manage through a personal calendar. Medical device company administrators can make requests for clinicians based on experience level, procedure modalities and distance from procedure locations. Hospitals can evaluate clinician experiences and make requests for continuing (or discontinuing) relationships with clinicians. Whether members of TCX are on their mobile device or at their desktop, the entire user base is connected like never before, with the intent to revolutionize the healthcare industry through access and community.

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