LECESSE Construction is a nationally recognized construction management firm headquartered in Rochester, NY, with offices and affiliates located down the eastern seaboard. In its 60 years, the company has constructed or renovated a multitude of public and private buildings, including senior housing, healthcare facilities and higher education centers.

LECESSE came to Envative looking for guidance and expertise to improve their current mobile app, because users complained about its performance and usability, and were losing interest in it. LECESSE had also hoped to broaden the app’s appeal and use among project site managers, corporate investors and site owners. Their mobile app simply wasn’t meeting goals for use—or usability.


Envative learned that LECESSE’s existing mobile app was created (by a different tech provider) using a hybrid methodology—one code base to write to two master codes, iOS and Android. Due to the nuances each operating system demands, that approach was not able to appropriately support the desired behavior of the app. After careful evaluation of LECESSE’s objectives and issues related to the existing app, Envative recommended the need for a native conversion of the code base.


To save costs, Envative initially proposed integrating the native apps with LECESSE’s existing CMS interface through APIs (application program interfaces)—but then learned that, unfortunately, the correct infrastructure did not exist. So instead, Envative developed a web admin portal with a supporting database in a flexible software environment to accommodate LECESSE’s current and future needs. The web portal gives LECESSE an easy-to-use interface to manage user administration, assets and other key variables to support new iOS- and Android-specific mobile apps.


Envative built a mobile app for each operating system within a flexible, scalable framework that can accommodate new features and usability over time. Both of the reliable new mobile apps are downloadable via Google Play and Apple stores, and are in wide use among LECESSE team members and the company’s stakeholders. LECESSE already has plans for a second phase of developments to expand the apps’ use among even more types of users.

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