GRYT is a healthcare company that was started by patients and caregivers, for patients and caregivers. GRYT Health CEO and Founder, David Fueher, is a 2-time young adult cancer survivor. His experiences, challenges and learnings during his battles with the disease led him on a mission to improve the plight of the cancer patient community through technology. He sought to create a technical platform for people affected by cancer to connect to others with similar experiences as well as to tailored information to help them become more aware of options specific to their needs or diagnosis. David and a team of fellow cancer survivors formed GRYT in 2015 with this goal of providing support and resources to improve experiences for patients, while engaging the community in ground breaking research that may ultimately end cancer. GRYT’s founders know first-hand that information is not a luxury, but an undeniable right to patients. Their daily mission is to help patients, survivors, and caregivers achieve personal triumph by providing critical information and human connections.


GRYT contacted Envative to help them in their endeavor to broadly engage the cancer community by creating a “cancer support group in your pocket.” They asked us to develop native iOS and android mobile apps with an appealing user interface that would be intuitive to a variety of different user groups – patients, family members, healthcare providers. As a non-profit start-up, GRYT’s ambition was high but their funding was limited. Envative was happy and honored to take on this very worthy project with a commitment to maximizing GRYT’s budget to deliver the desired MVP features.


Several goals were identified within this project: 1. An AppChat - a live program that takes place within the app – with a moderator or guest speaker and many different chat rooms. 2. Forums for education where users can learn from an expert in their field, whether it’s about genetic testing, ways to manage anxiety, information about neuropathy, etc. 3. Connection – ability to make a new friend, connect with others for advice and/or to feel less isolated. 4. An “Organization Awareness” aspect, enabling users to learn about the new offerings from GRYT’s Non-Profit partners and other special collaborations. 5. Integration with Vivibot chatbot platform for instant guidance on information and skills. 5. A Meetup option for virtual gathering on the app that can be focused around a topic, but is mostly just to hang out with others who “get it” (without a moderator).


Since its release in late 2017, the app won the 2018 Appy Award, the most prestigious technology award for creativity and innovation in mobile. Gryt Health has been honored with many awards including Digital Rochester’s 2019 Technology for Good Award as well as the 2019 Innovation in Healthcare award. The mobile apps have already become a widespread tool across 50 states connecting cancer patients with others going through the same types of cancer and situations providing patients, families and survivors alike with much-needed peer support, information and inspiration.
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